January 13, 2009

Look What Jackie Sent Me!

Isn't Jackie the sweetest.  Check out her blog here.  Because I received this award, I am suppose to list 5 obsessions, then send this award to 5 fabulous blogs.
Obsession #1 -- Stamping/Card Making
Obsession #2 - Splitcoaststampers
Obsession #3 - Checking out all the fabulous blogs and favorite stamping sites
Obsession #4 - Shopping for stamps and supplies
Obsession #5 - Did I mention stamping?
Here are 5 fabulous blogs deserving this award:  
Check them out!  


  1. Wow Pat! I'm very honored. Thanks so much. I will be posting this on my blog in a few days.

  2. Thanks so much Pat! I better do it now or I'll forget LOL!!!

  3. That is awesome! You totally deserve it! I am glad you started this blog!! ;0)

  4. Thanks, Pat! You're a doll, and so deserving of the award!! Your answers cracked me up!!