July 08, 2009

Thank You Charlene!

My stamping buddy, Charlene, sent me this lovely award. Thank you so much !! Many of you already know Charlene as LilLuvsStampin on SCS. Charlene is a very talented stamper and a newbie blogger. If you have never been to Charlene's blog, Where m&ms Gather, you really need to check it out. Talk about eye candy.....
Now about this award..... To accept this award, you are to post it to your blog along with the link to the grantor's blog. Also, the idea is to pass on the appreciation to 15 fellow bloggers that you newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. Here is my list of bloggers:
  1. Debbie
  2. Erin
  3. Justine
  4. Karolyn
  5. Shelly
  6. Joy
  7. Michelle Forrest
  8. Lynn
  9. Alyssa
  10. Cindy & Maria
  11. Gina
  12. Mary G
  13. Michelle
  14. Mandy
  15. Grace C.
Thanks so much for stopping by! And don't forget to come back tomorrow for another new Christmas in July challenge.


  1. You deserve this award! You do have one lovely blog!! YIPPEE!!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me with this sweet award! Now I'll need to see if I can track down 15 new bloggers!

  3. Congrats, Pat! You deserve it!

  4. awe thanks pat! and your blog is LOVELY :)

  5. Well I agree! You do have such a lovely and wonderful blog. Congrats on the award, Pat.

  6. You are such a sweety Pat, thank you for lifting my spirits. Huge hugz

  7. Congratulations Pat! You so deserve this award and thank you so much for this award. I am so very honored!

  8. congratulations pat!! and well-deserved. :)

  9. congrats on your award.

    M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS

  10. {{{{hugs}}}}} Pat! Thanks so much. Sorry I'm a little well ALOT late in getting to this! Thanks so much!