July 25, 2010

Digital Faux Postage Stamp Tutorial

Hello friends!  I am here today with my first ever tutorial, which would not have been possible without the help of Priscilla Heaton.   Although the Faux Postage Stamp Technique has been around for quite a while, most instructions are for using a template with stamped images. My tutorial is somewhat different in that you insert your digital image(s) directly into the Faux Postage Stamp Template.  Talk about easy!

About the Faux Postage Template
 Below is a template that I created in Word, using the Table function. I formatting  the dimensions of the Faux Stamps by using Table Properties in the Table dropdown menu.   The size of each faux postage stamp cell is 1.25" X 1.50". You can select this template and copy and paste the template directly into a Word Document. For this tutorial, I used a "priscillastyles" digital image called Dress Stand.

Directions for using the template and inserting your digital image:
1.  Copy and Paste the Faux Postage Stamp Template into a Word document.  If you are unable to copy and paste the template, try dragging it into your word document.

2.  Copy and paste the image you would like to see on the stamp into the same Word document.  I would suggest that you resize your image to fit the dimensions of your Faux Postage Stamp cell before proceeding to the next step. 
3. Then select the image and click on Format in the toolbar. A dropdown menu will appear.

4. Click on "picture" -- A Format Picture box will appear -- Then click on the Layout Tab and select "In front of text" wrapping style.
5. After preparing your digital image to appear "in front of text", select the image. Click on Edit in the Task Bar.
6. Next, select "copy", and then select "paste". Your copy of the image will appear over top of the original image. 
7. Then just drag your digital image to one of the faux postage stamp cells. Repeating copy and pasting your image in as many cells as you wish. (just adjust to desired size as needed for your project)

Here is a picture of my template after inserting my dress stand images:

Optional: Use a pair of "stamp" decorative edge scissors to cut out one of the faux postage stamps for use as an embellishment, or to cut out entire template.
Here is a picture of my finished project using the "priscillastyles" Dress Stand image.

I hope you have found this tutorial interesting and fun.. Give it a try and let's see your projects.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. What fab details you have in your tutorial, Pat! Well written & illustrated. I don't have much time for cardmaking this week but will bookmark it & come back to it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very well done, TFS. I will have to give this a try, your card came out so pretty.

  3. Oooo, thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, Pat! I have to give this a try. Your card is beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much for this tutoria, and for sharing the template!! I will definitely be using it!

  5. This is fabulous!! thanks for sharing this pat!

  6. Classy, beautiful elegance, Pat! Fabulous shading and coloring!

  7. Loved this! Thanks so much for this tutorial! What great fun!.